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Industry Verticals


BrownStone brings 25 years of experience in working in the healthcare industry. From Health Plan Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Offshore Services, and Hospital Information Systems, BrownStone delivers sales services that enable growth. BrownStone brings a wealth of experience in working with Venture and Private Equity funded healthcare organizations. 


Technology companies offer tools and solutions that often improve our way of life. From cloud based solutions, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence (AI), BrownStone can develop a path for success

Life Sciences

BrownStone Advisory brings decades of experience providing HIT and interoperability solutions to clinical and pharmacogenomic (PGx) laboratories. Today, laboratories must shift from "high volume" to "high value" sales models. Because of our extensive experience with clinical operations and reimbursement, we are uniquely positioned to help laboratories evolve using specialized sales and new revenue models


Two trends clearly impact the media and entertainment industry – digitization and convergence, compelling companies to create new business models and innovative approaches to growth. The growing demand for personalized content across multiple devices, popularity of free content, and new technology platforms are radically changing consumption patterns in this industry. Further, media and entertainment companies have to manage complex contracts with artists and other key stakeholders. BrownStone can deliver a strategy to support your entertainment company.